Helping Youth Make Healthy Decisions


- Center for Association Leadership, Washington DC.

SafeTeen New Mexico is a youth driven non-profit organization. We partner with both public and private entities to fund and create in school programs as well as social issue documentaries and campaigns that educate teens, parents and educators about critical issues facing youth. Major topics of interest for the Safeteen organization include: distracted driving, drinking, drug abuse, date violence, body image, and mental health. SafeTeen's vision is to create awareness in order to facilitate healthy decision making. Students, parents, community leaders and schools work with SafeTeen to create our programs. The SafeTeen organization exists to help youth make healthy decisions and to prevent dangerous behavior.

This month's special focus is our latest documentary:  'New Marijuana' 
Did you know that Marijuana wax, oil or concentrates can raise the THC content of street level marijuana from 15% to over 80%?  Watch this fascinating discussion of how marijuana has changed over the years. The program includes information regarding DUI, medical marijuana, and the affect of cannabis on teenage brains.  Because of the recent debate and changes in the drugs usage and legality, the perception of marijuana and its safety has changed dramatically.  Thie project includes information about the most recent research.  Look for the following broadcasts in the coming months:

August 20: 6pm FOX New Mexico

August 27: 7pm KASY My 50 TV (MyNet)

September 3: 7pm KRQE News 13 (CBS)

September 10: 7pm KWBQ New Mexico CW